Sunday, June 25, 2006

What has Dr. McClain been doing?

In short, having a great time! This ride has been a blast from the first day. Great companions, fantastic scenery, wonderful support people. I could go on and on about all the postives. Check out Eric Norris' blog site for some of our current pictures. The ride was hard form day one with over 7250 feet of climbing that day and the next. Every day seems to end with several thousand feet of climbing and tomorrow will be one of the highest, up to 10,500 feet!!, Then I am supposed to give a lecture in Montrose, CO. Today one of my patients rode with us. That was a big boost for all the riders to see a success story. Two of our support staff have lost family members to HLH/LCH to there is a very close attachment to the cause.
Fortunately I remain well with only a minor strain of my left thigh muscles from some horrendous climbs two days ago (>15% pitch). Others have not been so lucky. We have had altitude sickness in a 26 yr. old, a separated shoulder, and chronic achilles problems in another. Most of us remain well and all are extremely enthusiastic!