Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Pre-Fixe" Viking Vacation weekend

Outside of Stonyford.
Eric's QB on Day 1
On Memorial Day weekend, Eric and Mojo (Felix and Oscar) took a 4 day fixed ride in the NoCal wild. Above photo is Eric's Quickbeam, loaded with luggage, shy of the first day's summit, at 6,000 ft., near Buck's lake. The route began in Oroville with day 1 measuring 78 miles with 8,000 ft. of climbing. Day 2 took us from Quincy to Corning, via a pass near Mt. Lassen at 5,750 ft. More climbing in gorgeous back country on Day 3, to Williams, via Paskenta, Elk Creek, Stonyford, and Leesville to Williams. Day 4 was short and flat, 59 miles back to Oroville. For more photos and wacky captions, see the world famous website: www.campyonly.com
A nice appetizer for the meal to come, the Big Fix.
Eric rode 40X15=72 gear inches the whole time.
I used "manual transmission and rode 63", 52" (briefly, Day 1 only), and 83" (Day 2, 140 miles, and Day 4)
If we're not ready now, we never will be.
Team captain, fixed and dilated,