Friday, June 09, 2006

starting will be heaven

Notice the monkey at left is on a fixie. And pedalling with just one leg ! I knew I forgot to pack something, my bird! After a few days of coping with last minute problems in planning the ride, I am a bit delirious, sorry.
But I am sure that riding will be far less taxing--to my brain, anyway, than my anxiety about forgetting something, someone, or not putting in enough planning.
I have become superstitious of late, trying to ward off evil, unforseen influences. But if unforseen, how could I know?

But I have 95% of the supplies, a great support crew established, thanks to my wife, friends, and Jeff Toughill, President of the Histiocytosis Association.

I have been ready to start the ride for about 3 weeks now.
I am overjoyed to be meeting riders and histio families--like a new family, but famliar from so much contact over the last 15 months.
Just over a week to go...


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