Friday, June 02, 2006

Ready to roll?

In 6 weeks or less, some of us may feel like hurling our bikes, or just hurling.

With the ride just 15 days away, my excitement is barely contained. I know of several others who share the anticipatory buzz.

We passed the quarter-million dollar mark for fundraising today, and our new goal is $300K. We of course hope to raise some funds during the ride. I personally hope to explain histio and fixed-gear cycling to some reclusive billionaire (a la Howard hughes in Melvin and Howard film) and score BIG.

My last long, hard ride before June 17th is tomorrow's Sierra Century/200K, and I will ride with another "partial" BF rider, Dr. Sandy Borowsky, the designer of one of our logos--the electron microgaph of two histiocytes encircled by a chainring. Time to taper from 400 mile weeks to 200-300! Our shortest mileage week on the BF will be about 750...

Gearless, not cheerless,



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