Monday, May 22, 2006

Davis Double century

Six BF riders rode in the 37th annual Davis Double century, Saturday, May 20th.
Bo and Sandy left us in Winters, returning home to work on life--gets in the way of riding, eh?
That left Peter, Eric, Randy and me to ride the 204 mile course, with about 7,800 ft. of climbing.
Perfect, cool conditions led to some fast, and good times!
For more photos, see:
Great "pre-fixe" tune-up.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger Big Fix 06 Riders said...

Those guys it the picture were off the front as usual. I rode with another group of fixed riders, not Big Fix participants. The five of us, Mark Boles, Karen Bonnett, Dave Burns, Richard Moon and me.

Karen is the first of the girls in our little group to get fixed. She rode very well, especially onsidering she only got fixed a week ago! It really hurt some of the "gearly men" when Karen passed them in about 68 gear inches going up Cobb Mountain. Really cool!



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